Oct 252013

Dear Mr. Pack,

 On behalf of the Barrington Area Library, we wish to thank you for an outstanding program on “The Haunting.” Our patrons raved about your excellent program.  We enjoyed your spine tingling tales and demonstrations with volunteers from the audience.  Some of the patrons asked me if the volunteers came with you!  We received many questions  about “how did he do that?”  Also, by using audience members, our patrons felt a part of your program. Many attendees commented how much they appreciated your setting the stage with props and lighting to convey a sense of mystery and mild horror.  Your skill as a story teller had us spell bound.  My colleague told me that he heard many gasps from the audience members during part of your stories and illusions. 

 Your program truly exceeded expectations and many patrons told me that they definitely want you to return with other programs.  They said this was the best mystery Halloween program! We are still trying to solve the mystery of the torn page from the Victorian mystery story collection.

 We thank you for your willingness to present an excellent program for our library.

 We wish you a pleasant weekend and many bookings,

 Eileen Gallagher, Adult Services Librarian

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