Magic in Chicago

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Mar 132017

Often I’m asked where can someone see magic in Chicago. There’s no better place than The Chicago Magic Lounge. Stage and close-up magic in a wonderful theater setting. You might even catch one of my occasional appearances!

The Essential Christmas Carol Feedback

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Dec 212016

From Sarah Vesselo at the Park Ridge Library:

Morning, Bill!

Thanks for a lovely presentation yesterday. Of the precious few who attended, they all enjoyed it immensely. One woman said, “I don’t know why this wasn’t packed!” Another said, “He was fantastic! My husband will be so mad he missed this! When’s he coming back?”

I also really enjoyed starting my day with a well-told story. Your period costume, your practiced delivery, and your seamless and charming PowerPoint slideshow made for the perfect story time experience. The addition of trivia to begin with and background information to end with were nice touches, too.

I hope your experience with us was another positive one, and we will definitely be in touch about having you back next year. Happy Holidays – and enjoy your rest!

Poe Program Feedback

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Nov 162016
Newly arrived audience feedback from the Helen Plum library about my program, The Essential Edgar Allan Poe.
“Very very good Very interesting!”
“Wonderful–Very knowledgeable”
“Bring him back again–Great speaker.”
“Thank you Very good. Lots of information.”
“Wow! Excellent presentation. Learned some new things about Poe!”
“When the presenter loves his subject it shows as he did a great job.”
“Learned so much about Poe.”
“Very good and interesting”

Houdini Feedback

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Oct 102016

Hello William,

I wanted to thank you once again for your remarkable performance on Friday evening. I know the crowd was on the smaller side, but they were absolutely enthralled! I received many compliments on how wonderful the program was as people departed, and I heard from many other staff on the floor that night that audience members were gushing to them as well. We have also received nothing but positive feedback in our online survey, some of which I have shared below:

  • “The speaker was very interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed the program a great deal.”
  • “Excellent presenter”
  • “I really enjoyed the presenter, William, and the presentation. Didn’t want it to end.”
  • “The speaker was very knowledgeable, but also entertaining. Kept the audience engaged.”
  • “Exceeded my expectations about the program.”

Thank you for providing such an excellent program to our community, and for donating your Houdini book to our collection. I will absolutely be keeping you in mind for future programs here at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library!

All the best,


The latest Chicago Fire Program Feedback

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Aug 042016

Attendees were asked the question “Did this presentation meet your expectations?” and asked to rate it on a scale of 0-10. An average score according to their responses was 9.8.  When attendees were asked the question “How effective was the speaker?” an average score according to their responses was 9.7.  When attendees were asked the question “Would you recommend this program to a friend?”, all respondents indicated that they would recommend this program to a friend.

Some of the comments included:

  • Wonderfully informative-Learned quite a bit
  • Love history programs!  Great presentation
  • Live chronology of Chicago Fire of 1871
  • Very entertaining-Well done!
  • Intriguing
  • Really loved this program on history!
  • Learned a lot that I had never heard before
  • Very engaging, dynamic presentation with much new info
  • Excellent program
  • Very well done and interesting
  • Very good-Enjoyed
  • So very interesting
  • Well presented-So much good info
  • Had pictures I haven’t seen before
  • Well organized and delivered-Very interesting
  • Very lively with great historical documents and drawings
  • Exciting!  Excellent!  Very informative
  • Great presentation
  • Good show
  • Wonderful
  • Outstanding
  • Enjoyable, educational, informative
  • Learned a thing or two!
  • Really well researched
  • Informative and entertaining
  • Very informative and interesting
  • Very informative-Good speaker

New Feedback

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Sep 292014

New Houdini feedback from the Carol Stream Library

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. William Pack presented Houdini: His Life and Legend on Tuesday, September 9 at Carol Stream Library. The presentation was phenomenal!

Children and adults alike were enthralled by Mr. Pack’s extensive knowledge of Harry Houdini’s life and his exceptional demonstration of magic tricks and illusions throughout the program. His needle-swallowing trick had the audience on the edge of their seats, but he really topped the cake with a skillful and exciting escape from a securely tied straitjacket.

Library trustee Edward Jourdan attended Houdini and immediately sent an email of praise to the Library Director, stating, “This was the best program that I have seen presented in a long while. The moment he began till the last moment, he grabbed the audience and never let go.”


Great Chicago Fire Feedback

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Sep 212014

New Feedback for my Essential Great Chicago Fire Library program

Dear William,

Thank you so much for coming out to the Cary Area Library to present your program on “The Essential Great Chicago fire.” You brought a lot of energy into the telling of the story and the recounting of facts along with the historic pre- and post- fire pictures of the fire during your presentation made the 1871 Chicago fire come alive for the audience. Hearing the firsthand accounts by those who lived through the fire was very emotional. I thought there were many good questions from the audience following your presentation and many of our patrons told me how much they enjoyed the evening.

I also want to thank you for doing a great job of acknowledging the library for the programs offered and reminding them to let their friends and neighbors know when they enjoy a program the library has offered. We do many things to promote the programs we offer , but as you know, there is no replacement for the human connection.


Dawn Ferree

Cary Area Library


Cary Area Library


New Houdini Feedback

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Mar 182014

Mr. Pack,

I wanted to thank you again for your phenomenal presentation last Thursday. You were a huge hit with our patrons–every single one of the evaluations rated you as “excellent” and several went on to enlarge upon their thoughts in the comments section:

“Terrific! I never saw the straight jacket escape in person before today! Wonderful speaker, too.”

“Very well done with history, humor, and magic tricks. Held my attention; very enjoyable.”

“William Pack’s skill with an audience is outstanding. What other presentations does he have?”

“Excellent combination of information and magic by enthusiastic presenter, with great sense of humor.”

I, too, enjoyed your program immensely. Thank you so much for coming to share your talent and knowledge with us.

Janet Windeguth, Crystal Lake Library

Houdini Feedback

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Dec 182013

William Pack’s Houdini program was the most successful adult programs we have offered in the ten years I have been at this library.  He is a masterful entertainer with a full command of his topic, and truly brought Houdini to life.  He was engaging, entertaining, and had a wonderful sense of humor.  The diverse audience was entranced throughout the presentation, including some of the younger ones present.  We would definitely recommend this program to others, and look forward to having Mr. Pack back in the future.

Carol Iwanowski,  Sun Prairie Library