Some praise for William’s performances

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William teaching actor Will Smith magic

William teaching actor Will Smith magic

“Thank you for a fun program last night.  I saw some new faces in the crowd and I got nothing but praise from everyone as they left.  Your presentation was engaging and well-paced, and your tricks were charming.  From my perspective, you were well prepared and very easy to work with.  It was a very successful night all around!” -Sarah Vesso, Park Ridge Library

“Spellbinding, fast-moving and thoroughly entertaining.” –Mike Rzeminski, Bit O’ Magic Restaurant

“William exceeded by expectations! His dynamic program was a hit with our patrons.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking for someone who can not only educate, but entertain.” -Denise Blaszynski, St. Charles Library

“Bill: THANK YOU SO MUCH for delivering that fantastic program last evening!!! It was definitely a case of those smart enough to avail themselves of a great program really scored BIG!” -Debi Wolfe, Schaumburg Library

“The evening at the Jacksonville Library was quite wonderful. Thanks for your presentation.  I’ve taught theatre for about a hundred years or so and was especially impressed with your stage-man-ship. Barnum would have been more than pleased.” –Ken Bradbury, Jacksonville, IL

“On a scale of 1 to 5, the audience reaction was 5+ +!” –C. Schabel, Aurora Public Library

“The audience was mesmerized.” –Nadine Bachman, Elmhurst Library

“You were the best I’ve had come to the library.” -Jane Conners Geddes, Antioch Library

“I was truly amazed.” –Therese Chaves, Plainfield Library

“This program was better than the Houdini museum.” –M. Jones-Rhoades, Galesburg Library

“I was at the library programmer’s meeting last week and recommended this and all your other programs. I love what you do, so keep entertaining us.” -Jane Conners-Geddes, Antioch Library

“William’s performance was awesome. He was one of the easiest presenters to work with. I loved checking out his ‘artifacts’; I know others did, too. He mixed information with humor. He left the audience looking forward to his next visit. Some audience members were stunned; others wanted to know even more about Houdini and his tricks after this program. As one teen said, ‘I learned a ton and now know more than I ever would have!’” – Rose Nowak, Morris Library

“A programmer’s dream!” –Andrea Vernola, Woodstock Library

“The combination of lecture and magic was perfect.” –Christine Dalphy, Geneva Library

“Your program was one of the best we have ever presented at our library.” –Colleen Blanchard, Itasca Library

“The audience interaction added great fun and suspense.” –Mary Cooper, North Riverside Library

 “It was a BIG hit!” –Jan Oblinger, Fremont Library

“Patrons are still coming in with smiles and looks of awe when they talk about your program.” –Jeannine Kacmar, Palos Park Library

“It was really something to see the audience shift so quickly from gasping in awe to laughter.” –P. Blubaugh, Eisenhower Public Library

“A month later, the teens are still talking about your program.” –Therese Chaves, Plainfield Library

“Love your programs!” –Karen Turner, Coal City Library

“The performance was a perfect blend of master storytelling interspersed with impressive magic tricks.” –Beth Ryan, Woodstock Library

Signing a book for some fans

Signing a book for some fans

“The ghost stories and props set the stage for an evening of suspense and thrills. Our patrons are already asking to have you back!” –Jeannine Kacmar, Palos Park Library

“Many of the patrons asked for me to bring you back when they were exiting the show.” –Michelle Mitchell, Franklin Park Library

“Anytime William has a new showI will be guaranteed to book it.” –Jane Conners-Geddes, Antioch Library

“Can’t wait to have you back!” –Ellen Bassett, Cook Memorial Library

“Wonderful Show” –Larry Zevnik, Sycamore Public Library

“William is the consummate professional and the ultimate showman.” –Dawn Leardi, Bartlett Library

“Great stories. Lots of laughter.” –Lorrie Hicks, Cary Area Library

“I highly recommend ANY of William’s shows!” –Julie Harte, Somonauk Library

“William is an excellent showman and storyteller and never fails to delight an audience. He is able to work with audiences both large and small and his manner is always professional, confident, and engaging.” –Natalie DeJonghe, White Oak Library District

“William was fantastic and wonderful to work with.” –Diane Koepp, Green Hills Library

“William’s performance was engaging, interesting, humorous, and contained the WOW factor.” –Jeannine Hedges, Byron Library

“The perfect library program.” –Nancy Brothers, Morton Grove Library

“I had a parent stop me in the library today to say that her eleven year old was not excited to be dragged to a “boring library program.” She said that by the end of the show her son was excitingly asking if he could purchase your book to read more about Houdini.” –Sarah Carlson, Stoughton Public Library