The Haunting, Familiar Spirits,

and NEW for 2016,

The Haunted Page, trick & tales for October eves. 

The Unique, Spooky, Scary, Supernatural Shows

William’s ghost show is interactive performance of spine-tingling horror stories, true eerie history, and inexplicable supernatural occurrences. William simulates an authentic haunting experience, like one of those popular television ghost shows. and afterward you will be debating if what you saw was real or not. Imagine…the lights go out and you spend a chilling hour as your guests become part of the mysterious, the bizarre, and the haunted.

William creates an atmosphere of scare as theatrical special effects brings the stories to life, or, at least, undead. Non- stop audience participation creates a unique experience as the lights go out and your guests become part of the story. Everyone will be talking about their experience for years, that is, when they stop screaming and laughing.

 William has created unique, frightening events from ghostly storytelling to the authentic recreations of 19th Century séances and he can adapt them to teen and adult audiences of any size.

Spend the night in a haunted house…your own!

“A man who knows his way around a séance room.” – Daniel  Stashower, author