Sep 212014

New Feedback for my Essential Great Chicago Fire Library program

Dear William,

Thank you so much for coming out to the Cary Area Library to present your program on “The Essential Great Chicago fire.” You brought a lot of energy into the telling of the story and the recounting of facts along with the historic pre- and post- fire pictures of the fire during your presentation made the 1871 Chicago fire come alive for the audience. Hearing the firsthand accounts by those who lived through the fire was very emotional. I thought there were many good questions from the audience following your presentation and many of our patrons told me how much they enjoyed the evening.

I also want to thank you for doing a great job of acknowledging the library for the programs offered and reminding them to let their friends and neighbors know when they enjoy a program the library has offered. We do many things to promote the programs we offer , but as you know, there is no replacement for the human connection.


Dawn Ferree

Cary Area Library


Cary Area Library


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