Dec 012013

William Pack is the consummate professional, before his actual presentation even begins! His response to the first contact made with him is not just timely, it’s speedy. To facilitate promotional publicity he offers the option of providing high quality bookmarks and posters, sent out well in advance of his program. On the day of the performance he arrives early so that all of his Houdini memorabilia (an extensive collection of photographs, news clippings, and actual lock and handcuffs like the ones used by Houdini) is on display for at least a half hour before the start of the program. Included is period music to enhance the ambiance.

Once the program begins it is immediately clear that William is not only in firm command of his material but that he is a superb storyteller as well. His facts are fascinating and his style of presentation serves to bring Houdini the man and the showman to life. The audience was even treated to hearing a rare recording of Houdini’s voice. William  enthralled viewers with a recreation  of some of Houdini’s actual tricks, one of which had everyone literally on the edge of their seats.

Prior to the conclusion of his performance, William made a strong endorsement for libraries in general, and for support of library special programming in particular. He was then available for any questions the audience cared to ask.

As a programmer, I strongly endorse William Pack as a presenter. I totally enjoyed the entire experience of working with William as well as viewing his Houdini, His Life & His Legend program. The audience was thoroughly entertained and voiced their appreciation of the show to me and other staff members. Treat yourself and your patrons to William’s presentation; I guarantee that everyone will have a good time, from the first contact to the end of the performance.

– Candice Lutz, Round Lake Area Library

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