Close-up or Strolling Performances 

Closeup1aBringing laughter and good times to all, William can give your business or event that something extra special: Personalized Entertainment. With his engaging approach, William will move through your event, entertaining and amazing small groups at a time. 

His magic provides an intimate magical experience for your guests, dazzling them between fits of laughter with the magic taking place right in their hands and making their experience a memorable one. Something they didn’t expect, something they didn’t have to pay for, and something to tell their friends about.

Whether strolling through the event or performing at a stationary location, William’s ice-breaking magic and mirth captivates crowds, creates an atmosphere of fun for the whole room and sets the tone for your entire event.

“Once again you’ve succeeded in delighting our customers. We’ll have you back again and again.” –Robert Schulien, Schulien’s Restaurant

Parlor, Platform, or Stage Performances


William believes that magic is at its best when it can be personally experienced, which is why he combines magic with storytelling, comedy, performance, audience interaction, history, and that which cannot be defined, to create original shows of magic unlike you have ever experienced before.

It is not just a guy doing tricks but a deeply mysterious and appropriately funny, interactive performance that will cause your audience to think, talk, laugh, and wonder. Expect to see the impossible become possible as your audience is taken from one mind-bending moment to the next.

It is different than any other show you may have seen. Your audience will become part of the play to actually have an experience, an experience that they will be talking about tomorrow.

“I recommend him highly to anyone intending to entertain and excite any group of people.” –Ken Fletcher, Magic Masters, Inc.